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Happy Easter in Venice

Published on 18 Febbraio 2016 by Red House

Easter falls in comfortable months in Venice: spring air and walks are pleasant.
Our city still respects the culinary traditions based on ancient recipes with eggs and sweet bread.

In fact, the egg is the representation of the origin of life, and therefore in the Christian tradition, is the symbol of rebirth, so Easter food is inspired by the egg and suddenly appearing on the table: noodles, egg noodles, hard-boiled eggs and flatbread.

The flatbread has often got the dove appearance in remembrance of the great flood described in Genesis, when a dove returns to Noah holding in its beak an olive branch as a message of peace.
The recipe for easter flatbread (Venetian fugassa) is readily available but the secret lies in rising …
Come and taste it and tell us if you like

The ancient Romans believed that “omnevivum ex ovo” – all life comes from the egg.

Easter in Italy is above all a religious celebration, and Easter egg tradition reflects that. Easter traditions in Italy originally coloured eggs red, symbolising the blood of Christ.

These days eggs are hard-boiled and coloured using food dyes. As chocolate became popular in 20th Century, Italians have taken chocolate very seriously, and Easter eggs are no exception. Chocolate Easter eggs have now overtaken decorated eggs in Italy as the most popular gift at Easter.

Happy Easter!

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